Safe Soccer


Mandatory Reporting 

MYSA Mandatory Child Abuse Prevention Reporting Contact List

(All parties listed below MUST be contacted when physical or sexual abuse is observed or suspected)

Local Law Enforcement: Weston Police: 781-786-6201

WSC Risk Manager: Sue Spencer, [email protected]    781-893-2972


MA State Risk Manager: Mary Relic, [email protected]    978-598-3613

State of Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF)

National Governing Body - US Soccer


Report other forms of misconduct such as emotional abuse, bullying, hazing, or harassment to the WSC Risk Manager and President who will convene a review board.


Safety Above All 

MA Safe Soccer - Policy Review

As we seek to provide the best possible soccer experience, the health, safety, and wellbeing of the young athletes who take part in the Weston Soccer Club are our primary concerns.

Mass Youth Soccer has developed a set of policies and procedures that are collectively known as MA Safe Soccer. We encourage all participants, coaches, and parents to read and review them. Adherence is required.

Full text versions of the required policies can be found on the Mass Youth Soccer website in their MA Safe Soccer section.

Brief summaries are provided below.

Athlete and Participant Safety Policy

Core Concepts: Safety above all…Report any observed or suspected abuse/misconduct.

Coach Requirements:  All WSC coaches, assistant coaches, managers, Board Members and all other adult volunteers must:

  • be registered, affiliated, and insured through Mass Youth Soccer (Stack Sports)
  • clear an expanded state/federal background check and screening process including CORI/SORI
  • complete the US Center for SafeSport online Abuse Prevention Training
    • refresher course is required annually
  • complete the CDC online Concussion Training
    • training is good for two years
  • Report any observed or suspected abuse to all parties detailed on the WSC Risk Reporting page

Player Contact Requirements

  • All one-to-one contact with players must be observable or interruptible by another adult.
  • No player under the age of 18 may be alone with an adult who is not their parent/legal guardian
  • Parents/legal guardian must be copied on any email or other electronic communication with a player

Concussion Policy

Core Concept: When in doubt, sit them out!

  • All WSC coaches are required to complete the online CDC Heads Up Concussion Awareness training course 
  • Coaches and referees are REQUIRED to remove the player and sit them out if there are signs of a concussion after a blow to the head or the body during trainings and games. Any WSC player removed from a practice or a game as a result of a head injury or symptoms similar to those of a concussion shall not be permitted to return to any level of practice or game play to any extent until they have provided the club with a written and unconditional “Medical Clearance to Return to Play” from a licensed medical doctor.  Medical clearance must be provided to the age director for that grade before a player can return to action.  
  • The WSC Concussion Protocol can be found here:

Weather Policy 

Core Concepts: If you can see it or hear it, clear it!   Hydrate in hot weather!

  • If thunder is clearly heard or lightning seen, everyone should go to shelter (vehicle or inside a building). A game may resume only after 30 minutes passes without thunder or lightning.
  • In hot weather, adjust games as heat index rises. Water breaks and shortened halves are allowed and recommended.
  • In cold weather, gloves, soft hats, long sleeve clothing and leggings are allowed (no hooded sweatshirts or clothing with trailing strings).

Goal Safety Policy

Core Concept: Avoid using unsafe goals or using goals in an unsafe manner.

  • Goals should be inspected for safety before play starts. 
  • Sandbag anchors should be checked before every game.
  • Climbing or hanging on goals is prohibited.
  • Always exercise extreme caution when moving goals and allow adequate manpower to move goals of varied sizes and weights.
  • Instruct players to avoid unsafe use of goals