Referee FAQs

Q. Why become a referee?

A. Being a referee is fun. It’s also terrific way to earn money while getting a little exercise and teaching younger players about the game of soccer (very few jobs pay as much per hour as being a referee). Being a referee is also a great way to develop leadership skills, something that always looks good on a college application.


Q. How do you become a referee?

A. To become a referee you must take one of the courses offered by the Massachusetts State Referee Committee. The course to train Recreational Referees (called a Grade 9 license by the USSF –which has nothing to do with your grade in school) lasts 8 hours. You can find a list of courses by going to the MSRC web site ( Grade 9 referees are licensed to referee 6 v 6 and 8 v 8 games, as well as serve as Assistant Referees for 11 v 11 games.


Q. Who can be a referee in Weston?

A. Anyone can referee in Weston. You do not have to live here or play soccer with the Weston Soccer Club. 


Q. When can I start refereeing?

A. Although the MSRC allows anyone 11 years or older to take the USSF Grade 9 license course, the WSC has found that referees have longer, more successful and enjoyable careers if they wait to start until they are in 7th or 8th grade.  Although most 11 year olds can quickly master soccer’s rules, it can take a great deal of maturity to properly manage players and coaches and handle complicated game situations.


Q. How does a referee get assigned to games?
A. Once you complete your license course, you should notify the WSC Referee Assignor - Sara Osborn - who will put you on the list of active referees. Each week of the season the assignor sends out e-mail asking who is available and at what times that week and builds a schedule. The number of games you will work each seasons varies; some weeks there are more referees available than there are games, and sometimes we are especially eager for referees who will work. Most games are on the weekends, but sometimes rescheduled games get played in the afternoons or evenings after school.


Q. How much does it pay?

A. Referees are paid for each game they work, with the amount of money depending on the level of the game. In addition, the WSC pays a bonus based on how many games they work each season. 


Pay scale:

  Fall 2022 Spring 2023
Center Referee Grade 12 (11v11) N/A $80
Center Referee Grade 10 (11v11) N/A $70
Center Referee Grade 9-12 (7v7) $55 $60
Center Referee Grade 8 (11v11) $55 $60
Center Referee Grades 5, 6 (9v9) $40 $50
Center Referee Grades 3, 4 (7v7) $30 $40
Line Referee Grade 12 N/A $50
Line Referee Grade 10 N/A $50
Line Referee Grade 8 $30 $40
Line Referee Grade 5, 6 (9v9) $25 $35


Bonus scale:

In addition, the WSC pays a bonus based on how many games they work during a season according to the following scale:

6 to 9 games you will receive $50.

10 to 14 games you will receive $100.

15 to 19 games you will receive $175.

20 to 24 games you will receive $250.

25 games you will receive $300.