3 Pillars

Weston Soccer Club's 3 pillars pioneer a culture of a personal and social growth for players, coaches, and families alike. Co-existing as one, the pillars provide an environment of a positive and rewarding growth mindset in the best interest of the Weston community. 

  • Player Development - Holistic growth within 4 focal elements; Athletic, Skill, Mental, and Personal. Weston Soccer Club will develop players who will go on to compete at high and rewarding levels, but in addition mold coachable - hard working young men and women.
  • Coach Education - As a club driven by exceptional volunteers Weston Soccer Club believes in continued education in order to best serve the youth experience. Providing resources, seminars, and credential opportunities we encourage parent coaches to expand their horizons and learn more about soccer 101 principles, and how to teach, motivate, and inspire our young players.
  • Community - The exchange of knowledge and skills leads to personal and professional development, friendships and the potential to collaborate with others to generate meaningful impact. Together, members of the Weston Soccer Club community have a shared objective that they work towards together in the best interest of all families in town.