Weston travel program provides players the opportunity to continue to develop their game as they compete in the BAYS (Boston Area Youth Soccer) League against similar competition of surrounding towns. Teams will be placed in age and skill appropriate divisions.

  • Team selection will be determined by Age Directors of each respective age group, as well as the Director of Coaching. Age Directors are appointed by the Board of Directors. Teams will be stratified based on each individual players ability and commitment. Ultimate goals of creating teams will be to:

1. Develop soccer players by putting them amongst similar leveled peers in accordance with our player development model as outlined under the "About WSC" tab.

2. Place teams within a division that is to be challenging but competitive.


Age Directors and the DOC will compile the following 3 criteria when determining their selection process:

  • Player Evaluations/Input as provided by volunteer coaches.
  • Tryout Evaluation Assessments
  • Professional Input from the Director of Coaching



  • After every BAYS season, coaches from each team will submit their player evaluations where they assess each player’s development over the course of the season. Coaches will also take part in an end of the season meeting with the Age Directors and Director of Coaching to verbally express thoughts on every player registered for the next season.


  • Players will have 1 tryout evaluation (Spring season). Players will begin evaluations in the Spring of 2nd grade soccer. Evaluations are not mandatory, but recommended. They will be organized and operated by an outside 3rd party to ensure unbiased outlooks.


  • Having worked with all the teams during the season, the Director of Coaching will have seen all players enough to have a sense of their technical skill, tactical IQ, commitment level, and overall development.