Coaching Education

Weston Soccer Club is dedicated to providing an enjoyable experience for our players, but in order to help our players, we must first help our coaches. That is why WSC offers Coaching Education courses, resources, and seminars in order to provide  valuable insight on how to best develop our players in alignment with our Player Development Model.

Professional Coaching Education courses will be offered various times throughout the season as well as during the offseason (Winter)  These will be facilitated  by Weston Director of Coaching, Chris DiCecca. Primary goals of these courses:

  • Educate WSC coaches on the Player Development Model, as well as our philosophy which drives said model.
  • How to prepare age appropriate practice sessions based on the wants/needs of your team.
  • How to coach players to understand the how (Technique), when (Time/Place), and why (Purpose) elements of the game.
  • How to effectively communicate with individuals and the team. 


In addition, Weston Soccer Club encourages coaches to take advantage of further Coaching Education through the United Soccer Coaches of America. With online and in person seminars, coaches can gain specific certificates and licenses, as well as more access to professional  resources. Please see the United Soccer Coaches of America website for more details:

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