Board of Directors

Weston Soccer Club holds monthly board meetings on the second Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm at Weston High School.  Active members in good standing of the WSC are welcome to attend board meetings.  Please contact the board Secretary to confirm the meeting time and location.

John Power - President Angel Portella - Administrator & Risk Officer Chris DiCecca - Director of Coaching
Elaine Duguay - Secretary Dimitri Georgakopoulos - Treasurer Sara Osborn - Referee/Field Scheduler
Toby Hawkes - Bays Representative    


Age Directors
Jake Sykes - Sunday Gameday Director Mark Ferris - PreK - 2nd Age Director
Mauricio Falanti - 3rd Grade Girls AD BJ Grattan - 4th Grade Girls AD
TBD - 3rd Grade Boys AD Jeri Ikeda - 4th Grade Boys AD
Marc Wurbel - 5th Grade Girls AD Trevor MacDonald - 6th Grade Girls AD
Kelly D'Amaro - 5th Grade Boys AD Jessica Moy - 6th Grade Boys AD
Cris DeBouter - 7th Grade Girls AD Mark Whitworth - 8th Grade Girls AD
Kevin O'Connell - 7th Grade Boys AD George Gavris - 8th Grade Boys AD